Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The King of Cups Expects a Picnic: Episode 15

To give themselves time to review their sizable list of scary episodes, Erin and Kelly take on the much simpler task of examining some oft-forgotten gems of Buffy's pretty shaky first season. Yes, "That One With Amy" faces off against "Invisible Clea DuVall" with nothing on the line, because it's just a discussion. The episode culminates with some brainstorming on how the pair will approach The Worst. Come one, come all, and thrill at failed coin tosses, the "Tonight on the WB" guy, the almost it-people of the late 90s, too many maesters, Wish vs. Witch, and Xander Harris: Sophomore AP Student!

Give a listen to us ranting about Buffy!

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